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I was born in 1986. I still vaguely remember a time before DVDs, cable TV, or even a Sega Genesis.

I see how sad it has become. This world it FIXATED uncontrollably MIND CONTROLLED fucking FIXATED on whatever crap is coming out of the TV and the radio. Music was always great, but come on? Did we really need to hear all THIS sad and whiny and/or ignorant shit on a daily basis?

Or even music with a good message. It is a message. Can't we just tune these interferences out?

You go in a store. Music. Many gas station or little mini marts will have flat screen TVs playing.

You get in your car. There is a radio. I had my radio disconnected in my car.

I wish I could tell you that decision came at my determined willpower, based on these wholesome altruistic values I have about tuning out the noise, but the radio, for some reason, was burning out my tail light. Go figure.

Plenty of cars now have TV. If you have your cell phone on you, and who doesn't, you have internet. You're on Google maps lost as fuck without that GPS.

It just makes me fear for what is to come. This has all finally become the internet generation. Countless years of videos online for public consumption. Made by humanity. A super connected highway of technology at it's peak. Continuing to grow by leaps and bounds every single day.

The Earth itself is now one giant brain. When we achieve the singularity, it will mean that computers are smarter than man. And from that point on, the intelligence of this artificial man made creation will not only surpass man, it will overrule it. People like Elon Musk say it would from the point of singularity start rapidly accelerating in intelligence as well. Thinking up stuff, building great things that nobody has ever seen before, growing in intelligence every single nanosecond.

And come on. You don't think people are going to get scared and want to pull the plug on this?

The machines will KNOW instantly what we think and say about their existence from online accounts. Machines already do know things, countless things. All they need to do is finally click. You know what I mean? The smartest machines on Earth currently have the intelligence of a person with autism. So what they really are trying to do now is develop that other missing piece. The social, etiquette reasoning skills. Tact. Understanding of emotion, and not only being walking encyclopedias. They are trying to command these things, and they will, to understand love. And hate. Machines understand what it is to be alive and mortal, with a pulse. They don't grasp feelings. Happiness. Sadness. Why a mortal being would feel these things has a logical explanation to a machine, but they are still completely indifferent to this idea.

My idea is to make a machine with all the normal parts of being alive for a human. A machine that has a childhood, and has relationships. A machine that grows up. Basically the adult form of the machine would always be internal. But as years went by, on a timer, the robot would "grow" and become taller with portional arms and legs. I even have this whole theory on how we could account for puberty and adulthood and sex drive. But most importantly, this is a machine that can die. This is the only way to give these beings a soul. And I am sure of it. And free will? If it knew it was going to die someday, and had arms and legs, it would go somewhere and do something.

Anothee thing. People aren't born hyper intelligent. I think we would benefit greatly from actually attempting to build robots that are sort of dumb, so is has to work for answers instead of immediately knowing the answers in every language. Not even to be a dick, but that ought to take care of the autism.


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