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2017 Submissions

1m30 Ambient Song
Rock Loop General Rock Loop
Wake the Neighbors Punk Loop
That Cool New Song You Heard General Rock Loop
Spy World Ambient Song
2:06am Experimental Loop
The Jazz One Jazz Loop
Twelve-23 Experimental Song
Middle of the Street Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Last Place You Looked General Rock Song
First in Line General Rock Loop
Before Genesis Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Sound Waves (remix) House Song
Chanting Unchained Keys Experimental Loop
You Should Google Wax Ecstatic Ambient Loop
Victor the Killer Ambient Loop
Remember Shonen Knife (Remix) Ambient Loop
Remember Shonen Knife Ambient Loop
Excellent Iago Experimental Loop
DAT ASS THOUGH! Experimental Loop
Smoke My Life Away Hip Hop - Modern Song
Fuel Hemorrhage COVER General Rock Song
FL Back Away Experimental Loop
Scare Ambient Loop
Katie Fingers People Experimental Song
AntiChrist Heavy Metal Loop
Suicide and Other Desolations Solo Instrument Song
MIDI AF Experimental Song
Providence Ambient Song
Beatlemania General Rock Song
Hickhitcher Ambient Song
Ashes General Rock Song
Dark Waters General Rock Song
Hip Hop Loop Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Darkness Falls and It Feels Good Experimental Loop
Cemetery Experimental Loop
Everything, By Everyone Experimental Loop
Karachi World Loop
Stay Away Grunge Song
Space Butterfly Experimental Loop
Mad Science Video Game Loop
I, Zombie Heavy Metal Loop
Transcendent General Rock Loop
Summer of the Shark Experimental Loop
Demonic Heavy Metal Loop
Baptism By Fire Experimental Song
From Beyond The Grave Experimental Loop
Zombie Virus Experimental Loop
Zombie Outbreak Funk Song
untitled Experimental Song
Beelzebub General Rock Loop
International Criminals Experimental Loop
CERN General Rock Song
In Strum Mental Experimental Song
9TWENTY3 Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Jade Helm Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Stay Away Nirvana Grunge Song
A Nightmare on Elm Street Cinematic Loop
Keys 1 Experimental Song
Old Time Radi.ooooooooooO Experimental Loop
Without You General Rock Song
Rough idea for piano riff Miscellaneous Voice
Nirvana - School (cover) Grunge Song
Hemorrhage - Fuel cover Grunge Song
2014 Sour Diesel sessions General Rock Song
Freestyle acoustic guitar jam General Rock Loop
Breed - Nirvana cover Grunge Song
I Hate Myself and Want To Die Grunge Song
Young Girl Grunge Song
Sliver - Nirvana cover Grunge Song
Very Ape Nirvana cover Grunge Song
Freestyle Guitar Jam General Rock Song
On A Plain Grunge Song
Smells Like Teen Spirit Grunge Song
For Now Alright Grunge Song
Under the Bridge RHCP cvr General Rock Song
(full Version) Back Away Grunge Song
Let Her Go General Rock Song
Green Day J.A.R. cover General Rock Song
On A Plain Nirvana cover Grunge Song
Haushinka Green Day cover General Rock Song
Dive - Nirvana Cover Grunge Song
Guitar Loop General Rock Loop
Is It Me? (rough Draft) General Rock Song
Paint It Black Classic Rock Song
Emily - (ROUGH MIX) Grunge Song
Persona Insane Grunge Song
Jesus Doesn't Want Me Grunge Song
Drain You - A. ALAN B. Grunge Song
Girl - The Beatles cover Classic Rock Song
Sappy - A. Alan B. Grunge Song
Verse Chorus Verse Grunge Song
Oo.oO - It Feels Right T3 General Rock Song
It Feels Right (.oOo.) General Rock Song
Territorial Pissings Grunge Song
.oOo. General Rock Song
Nirvana Cover - Negative Creep Grunge Song
Generation What Now? Punk Song
Untitled New Song - A. ALAN B. Grunge Song
7 Years Are Gone For You Today General Rock Song
Bad Touch - Alternate version General Rock Song
Nirvana cover - LITHIUM Grunge Song
Close Your Eyes General Rock Song
Bad Touch General Rock Song
Negative Creep - Nirvana cover Grunge Song
En Route Grunge Song
Lounge Act - Nirvana cover Grunge Song
- My Next Move Defines Me General Rock Song
Sound Waves General Rock Song

2012 Submissions

2010 Submissions

Lost Love (Remix) Grunge Song
Autumn Remix Grunge Song
Dead End Being General Rock Song
Polly - (Nirvana cover) Grunge Song
Soundwaves General Rock Song